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What is certain is that the pressure Torvill and Dean faced throughout their competitive years was immense.Not only did they carry the nation’s hopes of sporting success but also the nation’s desire to see them skate down the aisle too. ­During the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984 the press kept asking us if we were going to announce our marriage.Both were already experienced skaters – she had started at seven while he took it up when he was 10.He was in the police cadets while she worked as an insurance clerk (this was in the days before lottery money enabled athletes to train full time). When they left Dean’s coach suggested he team up with Torvill.While he continued working as an ice dance choreographer, Torvill said her home in Sussex was two hours away from the nearest ice rink.But they still spoke almost every day – and always on February 14, the day of their Olympic triumph which was watched by 24 million people.“We make a point of calling on that day to say Happy Bolero Day,” says Torvill.In the past she has admitted she already had a crush on the tall, blond Dean.“I was with another partner but I used to watch Chris.

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They received twelve perfect 6.0 marks, one of five occasions they were awarded all perfect scores for artistic impression.

He really stood out from the crowd, like a blond prince.”Dean was also impressed with ­Torvill but more with her prowess on the rink. She was skating with this top boy and they just owned the rink.”The rapport when they began ­skating together was instant.